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The Craze and New 360 Video Photo Booth In Los Angeles Will Turn Your Party, Event, or Celebration Into The Event of The Season!

The Craze and New 360 Video Photo Booth In Los Angeles Will Turn Your Party, Event, or Celebration Into The Event of The Season!

May 29, 2022

AS much as she believes that the party scene in Guyana is up to speed, Lesa Fleming has in mind further exploring its great potential by adding variety through new, modern equipment that are not popular in Guyana, or more so, not available anywhere else except through her business – Big Picture Rentals.

Lesa is not just into the party scene, she wears several other hats, such as co-founder of the popular Tourism Guyana (TG) brand and publisher of the Tourism Guyana magazine, proprietor of The Ego Boutique, and Director of Creative Marketing Company.

Due to her significant amount of marketing experience and networking, Lesa has an opportunity to see firsthand just what type of equipment would make for a good addition to what already exists on the scene.
She may be the first individual, along with her overseas-based business partner Tsahay Brown (who helps to source all of the latest equipment) to offer the 360 Camera Booth, also known as the 360 Photo Booth.

“Our 360 camera booth will make your ordinary birthday party into the Oscars after-party or your wedding into the event of the season,” Lesa told Pepperpot Magazine a few days ago. With this brand new piece of equipment, guests are welcome to take unique, swift, and spinning 360 shots of themselves that Lesa believes will surely be the hit of their parties.

“Our photo booth features an exceptional technology that allows the arm attached to its stationary platform to capture a 360 view from any video camera. This unique photo booth will result in a bullet-time effect that’s shareable within seconds. It is suitable for guests of all ages, and will surely entertain kids and adults with its unique features,” she explained.

This revolutionary experience of taking photos will see guests standing on an elevated platform and a slow-motion arm capturing a video from all angles. “The end result is an awesome, unique, and branded content for events of any kind,” Lesa pointed out.

Asked to share her personal views about the current party scene locally, Lesa said: “We GT people know how to have a great time. But there is great potential. It’s vital to understand the current situation with the pandemic to be safe and responsible while perusing upcoming events. Our party scene is definitely not boring, but variety is very important for entrepreneurs; it adds opportunities to evolve.”

And speaking of evolving, Lesa also has in mind adding a more youthful touch to her business by having her 18-year-old daughter Jessica Mittelholzer and niece Camyla DeMoreas play a greater role in the business moving forward. Of course, the teenagers are already on top of what’s trending in all social circles.

Added to this move, Lesa doesn’t plan to stop at the 360 Camera Booth. “This is just the first one of the products we will be offering for parties and we will move on to bringing in new, modern party ideas for various events such as the magical photo booth, the magic mirror, etc.

“Our pieces will be different and unique to anything already being offered in Guyana because variety is important, especially now with our changing economy and surge of foreigners visiting and working in Guyana,” Lesa expressed.

Meanwhile, Lesa and the rest of her TG family are gearing up to launch the second edition of the Tourism Guyana Magazine. To this end, members of the team, who are more than just co-workers but great friends, have been travelling to various locations to gather content and promote tour destinations.

TG boasts a huge following of active enthusiasts and travellers who are always looking for something to do and somewhere to visit. In fact, TG has been quite instrumental in providing the sort of influence needed so far as tourism activities and destinations are concerned throughout the country.

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